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London Massage Therapy, to feel revitalized.

We offer professional massage therapy treatments to support your recovery from aches, injuries, and illnesses.

Mobile Therapy

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Therapeutic Massage

Deep Pressure Massages

Relaxation & Recovery

About Us


Whether you’re looking for a relaxing experience or wanting your aches, pains and stiffness to go away, we’ve got a wide variety of treatments for you!

Experience may differ from person to person with tailored treatments specific to your needs and they can be applied for all body types.

Deep Pressure Massages

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage To this day, Swedish massage therapy is the most popular and effective form of therapeutic massage. Swedish massage works on the top layer of muscle, while deep-tissue massage...


One of the most well-liked massage practices is called reflexology. It is a method of healing in which pressure is put on certain spots on the feet (and sometimes on...
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in London Massage techniques such as deep tissue massage commonly treat muscle soreness from sprains and sports injuries. It involves applying constant pressure with slow, deep strokes...
Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

Most of our regular routines, including writing, computing, and driving, can physically strain the body. We tend to hunch our backs and tense our shoulders when focused on our tasks....

Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage By focusing on the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, therapeutic massage aims to reduce discomfort and stress. Each state determines its own educational and training...
Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage Relaxing massage is one of the most common massages. One of the many benefits of massage therapy is a decrease in cortisol levels. The stress hormone is to...
Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage A lymphatic drainage is a mild form of massage therapy. Increased lymphatic system performance is facilitated by lymphatic drainage massage. The lymphatic system moves lymph fluid throughout the...


Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is a form of complementary medicine that uses aromatic essential oils that have a pleasant scent and are obtained from various medicinal plants. The use of therapeutic-grade essential...

Our Existing Branches


Lower Ground, 49 Marylebone High St, London W1U 5HJhe

Appointments by call +44 20 3109 0225
Or email andrea82massagetherapist@gmail.com

Throughout the week
Monday to Friday 10 am till 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10 am till 6pm


Prepayment Required Securing Appointments


36 St Mary at Hill, London, EC3R 8DU

+44 20 3109 0225
Or email andrea82massagetherapist@gmail.com

Throughout the week
Monday to Friday 10 am till 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10 am till 6pm


Prepayment Required Securing Appointments


7-9 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9LX

Appointments by call +44 20 3109 0225
Or email andrea82massagetherapist@gmail.com

Throughout the week
Monday to Friday 10 am till 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10 am till 6pm


Prepayment Required Securing Appointments

Now Hiring

London Massage Therapist is hiring Certified Osteopath’s Physio’s Sport And Deep Tissue Massage Therapists to work with. Please get in touch with us through our Contact Page

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30 Mins = £65
45 Mins = £75
1 Hour = £85
1 Hour 30 Mins = £110
Mobile Therapy 1 Hour =  £150

  • Deep Tissue Massage – 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 Hour, 1 Hour 30 mins
  • Reflexology – 45 mins, 1 hour, 1 Hour 30 mins
  • Swedish Massage – 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour, 1 Hour 30 mins
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage – 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour
  • *Mobile Therapy available only in Zone 1-2 city of London. 50% deposit required to secure treatment time


30 Mins = £65
45 Mins = £75
1 Hour = £85
1 Hour 30 Mins = £110
Mobile Therapy 1 Hour =  £150

  • Aromatherapy – 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 Hour, 1 Hour 30 mins
  • Lymphatic Drainage – 45 mins, 1 Hour, 1 Hour 30 mins
  • Relaxing Massage – 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 Hour, 1 Hour 30 mins
  • Therapeutic Massage – 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 Hour, 1 Hour 30 mins
  • *Mobile Therapy available only in Zone 1-2 city of London. 50% deposit required to secure treatment time


4 Pack

  • Deep Pressure & Therapeutic Treatments
  • 45 mins £280 (£20) off £260
  • 1hr £320 (£20) off £300
  • 90mins £420 (£40) off
  • £380

8 Pack

  • Deep Pressure & Therapeutic Treatments
  • 45 mins £560 ( £60) off £500
  • 1hr £640 ( £70) off £570
  • 90mins £840 (£80) off
  • £760


What people say about Us.


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Andrea was a highly skilled massuse and made me feel calm and relaxed. Will definitely be coming back for another!
susannah atkinson
I had a very lovely massage from Andrea who was very professional, attentive and kind,l. I will definitely be going again
Cedella Ofori-atta
Andrea gave me an excellent massage last week- she listened to my concerns over stress areas and pain and was very responsive. Very easy to book and a great environment; I was on the table 5 mins after arriving! Would definitely recommend, still feeling relaxed and comfortable a week after! Thanks Andrea :)
Imo Davis
She was very good make me feels pleased and well I left her door happy and satisfied 😌 I will really recommend to my friends and others …
Aneta Akwe
thank you Rosie for taking the time to review , xo
Rosie Silver
Andrea gave a very good massage, taking care to focus on the areas that needed the most attention. She also very kindly sent me information about stretching exercises that could be helpful with my problems.
Ben Burgess
Had a fantastic experience when I went for my first massage in London, this was only my second massage but I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. The deep tissue shoulders and neck massage I got worked wonders, it really helped with my movement after and could feel the release of tension.
C Petrie
Andrea was respectful and understanding throughput the whole session .
Response from the owner Thank you Emily for your ratings 😊 Kind Regards Andrea from www.LondonMassageTherapist.com …
Emily Moore
Andrea was super attentive and it was a lovely relaxing experience, especially after a long day's work. I mentioned I'm recovering from an ankle sprain and she suggested a deep tissue massage for that area and it definitely felt a lot better afterwards! Beautiful and serene studio as well. Would recommend!
Joelle Phua
The place is very unpleasant. No bathroom. No reception. The massage bed is covered in paper instead of fresh sheets or towels. So expensive too
חגית צברי
I have seen a lot of massage therapists and Andrea is as good they get. Once you explain the issue she is able to really target the areas that need to be released and she has a few techniques for getting the job done. Really helped me and I will be back to see her if things tighten up again. Thanks Andrea :o)
andrew yeaman
Thank you Shakira for your ratings 😊 Kind Regards Andrea from www.LondonMassageTherapist.com …
Shakira Taylor - Knight
Do not expect good customer service from these people much better to avoid them and book in with other massage therapists who know how to treat their customers with kindness and respect. I booked online a few days before my appointment was meant to take place but was then sent a WhatsApp message at 6am the day of appointment from the therapist saying they had missed their flight two days prior had covid and had to cancel.
Emma B
Andreas provides a great sports massage for keen athletes in a clean and relaxing environment. She helpfully provided some feedback on underdeveloped muscle groups and followed up with detailed stretching options.
Plantbased Lifestyle
My massage with Andrea was amazing, She helped greatly with my shoulder recovery, Andrea was also very knowledgeable. Highly recommend Her 5*****
B Sensation
Thanks Alot
Alun Parker
I've really enjoyed my massage by Andrea! I'll definitely be going back. Andrea also sent to me lots of helpful tips for exercises that I could do at home. Thanks again!
Giulia Cavaliere
Andrea was great! Will definitely come back
Hiba Shanti
Andrea is a super lovely lady, very knowledgeable in the body muscles and she also advises the best way to prevent the problems. The massage was great and I left feeling so much better as I was in so much pain with my back. I would highly recommend Andrea if you are looking for someone that not alone is great at her job but also helps and cares with giving you after care in preventing future problems
Joanne Mayes
Andrea is very professional and knowledgeable and was able to relieve some tension on my lower back
Andrea was brilliant. Post marathon deep tissue massage. Had me recovered in a day. Couldn’t rate highly enough.
William Wilkie
I had a great massage with Andrea. I liked the room, was quiet with a nice music.
Sonia Barzegar
Andrea was instrumental in my recovery from a back injury recently. She was able to help me get back on my feet pain free to resume gym and tennis which are my main sporting activities. Friendly, professional and knowledgable, I now try to see Andrea every few weeks as part of my physical care and recovery routine. Highly recommended.
Truth in London
Response from the owner 10 months ago Inam could you provide some feedback, we strive for a 5 star service and any comments can help us improve anywhere you felt it was needed
Inam Khan
Great massage as a gift for my boyfriend, really recommend and will myself as well
Chloé D
Not used LMT before but I will definitely come back again and already are doing so, I do alot if desk based work and suffer with back pain but not anymore. Andrea was polite and professional, it was really nice how she listened to me and make sure my treatment was most effective. I'm now a regular as its honestly the best I have ever had.
Great deep tissue massage, helped with tightness in my back and shoulders. Good amount of pressure, left feeling so much lighter.
Danae Boutara
Andrea is great and was a perfect choice for my first massage! I recommend!
Not used LMT before but I will definitely come back again and already are doing so, I do alot if desk based work and suffer with back pain but not anymore. Andrea was polite and professional, it was really nice how she listened to me and make sure my treatment was most effective. I'm now a regular as its honestly the best I have ever had.
Very professional and friendly. Helped a lot with my stiff neck. Will defo be going back
Jo joe
Andrea’s treatments are wonderful. She is as skilled as she is knowledgeable and is simply the best.
Michele Roberts
Excellent deep tissue massage
Hestor Drew
Excellent massage!
Massimo Napoli
Good and firm massage. Followed up afterwards with further advice, very thorough!
Kendra Wong
Andrea is a great massage therapist. She's been one of the community of therapists at the Breathe London wellbeing center at the Colombo Centre for many years. She's built a great business and is an excellent practitioner - bringing together lots of different techniques to aid healing and recovery from injury. I highly recommend her services. Andy
Andy Roberts
The massage was really good and I felt a lot better aftwards, a lot less tension in my body.
Raehaan A Wint-Henry
I strained my lower back right before I was heading to London for vacation. I could barely tie my shoes since I was in so much pain. Luckily I found out Andrea works close to the hotel I was staying at. She was able to loosen up my muscles so I wasn’t in constant pain and could actually enjoy my trip. Andrea also sent me stretches that I should do to help prevent another back injury. I wish I could find a massage therapist like her in NY, she actually cares about helping people, would highly recommend.
Nathan M
I was never sure of having a therapy, But one of my friend suggested me for having one session and honestly it works so freaking good. Really amazed with the service, I am definitely looking forward to get few more sessions. Thanks a ton LMT.
Subhojyoti Bhattacharya
I had a great experience, I felt relieved of my back pain and everything surpassed my expectations. I would absolutely recommend !
Fatine Velicitat
Having just run the London Marathon the day before this massage was just what I needed. Very professional, friendly and attentive. Excellent deep tissue massage. Very highly recommend
Fiona Fox
Hi there...Hi had my lower back in pain I went to have a massage and magic...it went away...
Joaquim Cardoso
The neck, back and shoulder massage from Andrea was exactly what I needed! So glad I managed to get a last minute appointmentBoth professional and friendly,she follows up with exercises too
S Aarons
Andrea was great and followed up with exercises
Olivia L.
Great hour long Swedish massage from Andrea, exactly what I was after, thanks!
Max Almquist
Thank you Andrea for such a wonderful, relaxing massage. And thank you for the follow up message with the exercises to help with my back problems.
Deborah Walthorne
Had a back, shoulder and neck massage from Andrea yesterday. Massge was great, and follow up advice on after-care was comprehensive. I would recommend.
Charles Mead
Great massage from Andrea who helped me identify where my pain was coming from. After the session she sent a lot of stretches for me to work on at home
Sofia Harman
Really enjoyed my reflexology with Andrea. I was 9 months pregnant and it was just what I needed!
Rebecca Ptaszynski
I had an aromatherapy massage with Andrea. It was so relaxing and recreative. I felt very good. After the massage, she sent me some exercises which will help my overall health. Thanks
Ozgur Isilak
hurt so good! my back and shoulders were in shambles and Andrea really helped to sort it out, she also did cupping which made such a difference. def will come back!
Steph Lu
Andrea was very helpful by advising exercises to alleviate back pain.
David Gormer
An amazing professional!
Natália Oliveira
I had a fantastic relaxing massage with Andrea as a birthday treat. Andrea is very welcoming and friendly. Her pressure was perfect for me - my limbs felt like butter at the end, I was so relaxed. Also Andrea kindly sent me some exercises to follow up - I have never had this before from a therapist so I felt it was very supportive. Will definitely rebook. I highly recommend Andrea as a massage therapist 😀👍
Rosie Allen
I tend to feel uncomfortable in beauty & spa environments. But this place perfectly walks a tightrope between a medical space and spa type space. That paired with my masseuses’ right to business’ attitude set my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable.I went for a sports massage to deal with an injury. But even so I still found the treatment relaxing.It’s also very fairly priced especially cos I was given a packet of stretches I can try out to prevent further injury.The reason for 4 and not 5 stars is cos a couple hours later my should pain had returned and I now had some neck pain too. I don’t know if this is due to my technician, or if my almost decade old injury requires more than a single treatment. You be the judge.
Alice Quinn Rose
Andrea was very professional. She was able release the my tense muscles. She is also very helpful as she provided me with pdf files that contain stretch exercise. Definitely recommend her!
Catherine Fung
I saw Andrea for my neck shoulders and back, she really help me ease the tension and combined cupping to loosen the area. The knot between my shoulder blades that was developing into a spasm eased off. It was my first time trying cupping and it was pleasant and relaxing massage. I will definitely visit again.
Carina Tsang
Andrea has the hands of a healer I can not thank her enough for my wonderful deep tissue massage, i came out of the session feeling brand new. I would definitely recommend and I will be having regular sessions⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Very professional and excellent 90 min Swedish massage. Thoroughly recommend.
William Keeling
Andrea gave me the most wonderful massage, which massively helped my posture and lower back pain. The next day I felt amazing. I highly recommend Andrea and look forward to returning to see her.
Daniel OSS
My daughter surprised me with a massage for Mothers Day. I had the neck, shoulder and back massage, which I really needed. Andrea was really great. She provided a great service including exercise instructions on Whatsapp. I highly recommend Andrea.
Anna Bullegas
Andrea was really attentive and my time here was exactly what I needed. She helped ease tension and pain I had been struggling with and gave me much needed directions to manage it on my own! The atmosphere in her studio is incredibly relaxing, I had a great experience here. 10/10 recommend!
Elena Dinca
Amazing session with Andrea. She knows exactly how to treat pain that has being afflicting me for some time now. I would highly recommend her expertise. 5 starts.
Mike C.
Great help around my neck and shoulder to relieve tension. Thoughtful and helpful - would recommend
James Congdon
Great massage in central London
Steve Embleton
Andrea provides great massages and creates a very relaxing environment, friendly service and thorough work makes this place worth every penny.
Osama Akhtar
I really had a nice massage at this place, I would like to come again
Fabunmi Faith Eniola
Andrea is super friendly and very professional. We shortly discussed what has been going on and what am I looking to focus on and started the first round of treatment.She was able to locate my knots and start to open them. She also asked permission to use cups which felt super good and clearly released alot of pressure.Can't wait for my next three session with her.
Daniella Willberg
Lovely masseuse
Mark Woulfe
Genuinely the best massage I have had in years. She knew exactly where my body needed more or less pressure, it was amazing. Highly reccomend
Rebecca Norfolk
I had the back, neck and shoulder massage and oh boy I definitely needed it! Andrea is super lovely and great at what she does - not only the massage itself but offering advice and guidance on how to deal with the tension in my shoulders and what stretches to do. Lovely atmosphere too
Rosie Bradshaw
I was very satisfied with the massage. It helped with my back tightness. I asked for a technique that would work for me, and Andrea carried out personalised treatment. She's professional and attentive.
Anna M
Andrea gave an excellent massage and also very helpfully sent me resources for stretching exercises later on. Prices are reasonable. Would recommend to Southwark residents.
S Chang
Excellent massage! Listened to what areas were sore and sorted out all the knots and stress to a high standard. Brilliant reading material sent through after the appointment to help make the results last longer! Will definitely be back!
Ailsa Crichton
I’ve had many painful knots in my back for a while so I booked a deep tissue massage hoping to ease the pain. Andrea was very helpful and found the exact spots where I was feeling the most pain. She has great knowledge and as it was my first ever deep tissue massage I was very impressed with the results. I left in alot less pain and discomfort. 🙂
Jade-Marie Mendonca-Phillips
Andrea is very competent and does a thoroughly good job. The 90 minute went by so quickly. I think I was half asleep
Colleen Michel
Thank you Andrea for such an excellent massage to treat tension and stiffness in my back and shoulders. Andrea has excellent knowledge of muscle anatomy from her career as an athlete which really comes across in how she delivers the massage as she constantly assesses muscle tension during the treatment and she gives a very personalised treatment based on assessing the muscles..
Rachel Wilson
Andrea was absolutely amazing today! I left feeling calm and relaxed. I have another appointment booked for next week!!! 5 stars
Chanel Harris
Really great treatment! Andrea is very attentive to your concerns
Maria Chanduvi
Thank you Andrea for the best massage I ever had! I will definitely be back soon, great professional and superb experience. 100% recommended 🙂
Irene Jimenez Jaimez
professional with great attention to details about my injuries, well done!
Johnson Brock
Andrea was great, super nice and professional!
I went to see Andrea in Covent Garden at Jubilee Hall for a deep tissue massage. I have an ongoing back pain, which has been caused me many sleepless nights. After my first treatment, I felt so much better and have booked a 2nd appointment at her massage studio in Waterloo.
Serhan M Miah
wonderful massage from Andrea, who uses a range of interesting techniques to get muscles to relax and respond. Highly recommend. And lovely quiet space in the centre of the Southbank.
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
Excellent treatment! Resolved an ongoing long term pain and injury highly recommend and will be back
Matthew Samuels
A fantastic experience. Andrea is very kind and thoughtful. She listened to what I needed and went above and beyond by including other forms of healing that are usually extra. She also took time to give me recommendations on how to heal further on my own.I can tell massage and healing others is her passion, a must visit if you want the pain to go away.
Duncan MacLellan
Feel so good after my treatment and Andrea was lovely, will definitely be returning!
Pippa Monk
Very knowledgable and kind. Would highly recommend thank you!
Mae Life
I definitely recommend a deep tissue massage with Andrea. She takes time to understand your issues in details and offers a personal and professional experience. I have felt the benefits of the massage from the first section and I belive that she have a great intuition in identifying where the problem areas are beyon what I able to explain.
giulia gavotti
First time having a treatment with Andrea and it was fantastic! She listened and was able to tailor the treatment for my individual needs. I would definitely recommend! I will be back soon for another treatment.
Cristiana Reyes
Excellent massage. Intuitive and felt much better afterwards.
Quality service. Went in very tight and stiff, came out a lot looser.
Jamie Egan
Fantastic massage from Andrea, helped to relieve pain and stiffness and felt much better afterwards!
Andrea shows great understanding of the problem and treats it well. Provides good back up material too.
Denis Loretto
Really fabulous massage - worked into places I didn't know were tight - very knowledgeable. Fabulous room, good location. Great follow-up with additional information. Highly recommended.
Dianna Kyles
Andrea is amazing. Super knowledgeable and gives a great deep tissue massage. She even sent me some excercises to do to help with my tension, she's great!
Bethany Hansraj
Andrea is definitely one of the best therapist in town. I came in for a session of Reflexology and she did an amazing job of getting me relaxed and getting all the pressure points right for my feet fatigue.
Tony Wong
Great massage again from Andrea, tailored to your needs and very professional.
Sasha Wilson
Amazing experience during and post massage! I was taken care right away and thoroughly enjoyed my message. After, I was given post massage tips over message. All in all great experience! Will definitely be coming back
Gabriella Castellano
Andrea was amazing, such relief following the therapy. She clearly knows her stuff! Would thoroughly recommend. Will be coming back again!
Tejinder Bassi
I had a lovely experience getting a deep tissue massage form Andrea. She is a true professional, very friendly and informative. The atmosphere is very nice, relaxed and comfortable.
Ioana B.
Professional and really relaxing massage. Listened to my concerns & provided helpful suggestions for stretches afterwards- would recommend if you are in the area!
Amazing therapist, great treatment and massage, would 100% recommend.
David Iza
Great service
Robert Cooper
Fantastic therapist. Really helped with my migraines, extremely tensed muscles and back pain
Lorraine Lysons
I have had few treatments from Andrea at the Breathe-London Wellbeing Clinic and I must say I have enjoyed every one of them. Andrea is very professional and approachable. Her treatments sort all my aches and niggles out with great results. I will be coming to see her on regular basis from now on.
Peter Davis
Andrea gave me a Deep Tissue massage. She identified several trouble areas for me, sent me some post-treatment exercises to do to help with them and I felt cracking after the service. I will definitely book another
Robert Collins
Andrea gave me a great neck and shoulder massage and I felt so de-stressed after! The space itself is also lovely and relaxing!
Katie Rabot
Andrea is one of the best in the business. She was super professional and helped so much. I usually experience lower back pain and Andrea knew exactly the areas to target to relieve that. I was able to play a full football match without any pain because of the message.
Patrick Sanyaolu
Lovely salon. Calm, quiet, incense burning in the corner. A great place to leave your stress. Andrea is experienced, strong, great at identifying your problem, and a pleasure to converse to.
Petru Rey
Had a really good massage with Andrea! She loosened my knots immediately using the cupping technique which made me feel much better and less tense straight away! With working from home, my shoulders and neck were really tense and with pain but after the massage I left feeling great! She also sent me follow up exercises to do at home. Highly recommend!
Pai V
Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Incredible deep tissue massage, the right amount of pressure. Highly recommend! I’ll definitely be back
Laura Martin
Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helped with my back. Thank you! I would highly recommend Andrea. Will definitely go back. 10/10
Kyaw WK
I thoroughly professional and well executed massage. Would highly recommend.
Joshua Jones
Andrea did an amazing job. My back felt looser instantly. Very nice and pleasant atmosphere.
marin tomic
Best of the best!! Andrea fixed my chronically tight hip flexors
Tan Albayrak
Had a very professional and good deep tissue massage! Andrea gave me tips that were targeted to work on mobility and strength. Definitely will go back!
Anurang Hariharan
Andrea was very intuitive and knowledgeable about where my back pain was exactly. I was quite sore the next day but afterwards... magic. I will continue visiting her therapy sessions as my upper back has been a source of continual pain for me I hope little by little gets to settle with the proper care
Paola Garzafox
Andrea was fantastic, she helped ease my back pain massively and gave me some useful exercises too. Would definitely book again. Thank you so much Andrea!
Nadia Whittome
I had a deep tissue massage booked with Andrea, and it was fantastic. Great value, and my neck and shoulders feel so much better. It started promptly, the room had a lovely atmosphere, and Andrea had great professional communication throughout the experience. In addition, the follow-up is thorough and really above and beyond. I highly recommend London Massage Therapist.
Jessica Winquist
Both Adrian and Andrea are utterly amazing. They really look after you. Also, good locations.
Man Chun Siu
Lovely massage and helpful stretching tips to deal with tension!
Samantha Chye
I went to see Andrea in London ( Southwark ) cos I had knee problemAnd after the first treatment my knees were feeling a lot better and my mobilty improved as wellI can’t not wait to book in with her again
Bulkamania Uk
I went to see Andrea for the first time yesterday for a deep tissue massage.Firstly she is a very warm and friendly person who makes you feel very welcome and at ease when you arrive at her treatment room.She is easy to talk to and also has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to health and fitness.The massage itself was amazing. She is an excellent professional therapist who applies good pressure and really knows what muscle groups are tight and needs working on as she treats you.She also uses an expensive massage oil infused with tumeric which is so beneficial in reducing inflammation in your muscles and joints. All in all a fantastic treatment which left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.I highly recommend Andrea.
James pask
Excellent service here , excellent value for money , very professional and friendly service .I highly recommend London massage therapist
Darius Khan
Andrea is an expert therapist. I did a lymphatic drainage massage and I felt so much better.I will definitely have further treatments! Very Recommended.
Rosangela Piluso
Andrea is a great therapist. She is very friendly and polite and made me feel welcomed! I had all the information prior to my appointment with clear directions and confirmation. Was a great relaxation massage and I’ll definitely return. I highly recommend these services and I’m looking forward to try other sessions!
Alexandra Apolozan
Great massage by Andrea. Really knowledgable and professional. She also provided some really helpful stretches to follow up with. Highly recommended
Siobhan O'keeffe
Great treatment, lovely staff. Would recommend. Andrea was a fantastic therapist, I’m feeling so much better after the massage.
Vicky morley
I visited Andrea last minute with a knot in my shoulder. I booked in for a back, neck and shoulder massage thinking this is what I needed. When I explained my issue to Andrea she explained to me about what the potential issues were and what we could try to help. Andrea continued to explain and explore different options throughout the massage. When I left I instantly felt taller and was surprised at how much less tightly wound I felt. I'd definitely recommend Andrea and will be returning!
Helen Dobson
I have just completed an 8 week course with Andrea. She worked on my tight muscles and my range of movement has improved immensely. Highly recommended.
Andrea was really attentive to my specific problems and tailored the massage to fix it. She was also kind enough to recommend stretches for me to do that would help. I would definitely recommend!
Omene Addeh
Great experience! amazing and lovely customer service 🙂
Tom Believer
Excellent massage. Helped resolve my tense neck + back with a deep tissue massage. Felt very relaxed afterwards. Will certainly visit again!
Ajay Dhoru
I went to Andrea with a muscle pain caused by an accident at the gym. I hadn’t been able to do certain exercises for 3 months. Andrea found some very painful spots (there were tears!), and only two days later I was back at the gym. Taking it easy and gentle now but so pleased I’m on my way to recovery. All thanks to Andrea’s healing hands! She knows her stuff. Thank you, Andrea.
I saw Adrian and Andrea when I was training for a marathon - both were really helpful and professional, the treatment was tailored to me and really helped me to prepare for the race. Would definitely recommend a visit.
Laura Berge
Andrea is excellent at what she does and is highly professional. She's considerate that everyone is different and tailors her treatments to your needs. The location is great and easy to get to and there's a wide variety of treatment services to choose from!
Corrective Pain Relief
I saw Andrea cause I was struggling with back pain and headaches. So far I dod 2 bookings and I feel so much better! I will keep going for that. I highly recomend her!
Hristina Hristova
I booked in for a therapeutic relaxation massage with Andrea and it was amazing! I felt so good after the treatment, she used an amazing turmeric oil mixed with lemon grass which was so relaxing. I can't wait to book in with her again. Would highly recommend!
Cecile Dardenne
Exactly as you'd hope. Felt great during and afterwards. Had the deep tissue massage and would highly recommend. Will definitely be going back!
Sef Tedder
Very good deep tissue massage with Andrea. I'll definitely be going back!
I had pain in my leg and my back.I had a deep tissue massage from Andrea.My pain just gone after the treatment.She's very kind and professional.As a massage therapist I only can highly recommend.Thank you Andrea!
Kis Tibor
Being a massage therapist myself I like to keep loose and pain free, hence booking a deep tissue massage with London massage, Andrea the therapist I had the pleasure to meet massaged me and I must say was very impressed with how professional and friendly she was from conducting the initial consultation and thought out the treatment, her massage technique and skills where to a very high standard and she differently knows how to get deep into the tissue to find tension, I will without doubt return when ever I am in London, would 100% highly recommend.
Steve Henderson
Had an amazing massage session from Andrea. I train a lot at the gym and Andrea was able to pinpoint the exact areas on my body where I was holding tension. She was also able to use a good amount of pressure and felt absolutely fantastic after the session. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone wanting a professional and healing massage.
Andrea was amazing!! She was very professional, the oil she uses is SO lovely and I felt brilliant after the massage. She is very knowledgable and I felt like I was in very safe hands. I can’t wait to book in again!
Laura Stevens
Andrea's deep tissue massage was amazing. I was struggling to move when I came in, and now, 2 days later, I've got really good mobility. Exactly what I needed. Very thorough.
Philippa Griffin
I went for a 90 minute full-body deep tissue massage and it was perfect. Andrea was very adept at feeling around my body to find the areas of muscle tightness and working out the kinks. Highly recommended; next session booked in already!
Daniel Fortunov
I have booked in for Deep Tissue massage with Andrea twice this weeks as I had lots of tightness and tension in my back And she were brilliant getting rid of my tensions My body feels soo much better Thank you Looking forward booking in with her again !
Yulia V
I went to see Andrea for a deep tissue massage I told her I had spine operation and she knew exactly what to do I felt safe in her hands Highly recommended Thank you Andrea Will come and see you when I am back in London Xoxoxo
Found this place on Treatwell. Andrea is fantastic. Great diagnosis on what would work best and listened to what I wanted and needed. She is lots of fun and easy to talk to - and even checked on afterwards that I wasn’t too bruised! Can’t recommend highly enough!
Andy Henley
It was very comfortable, Andrea knew exactly what I needed to relieve me from my upper back pain
Charles Dardenne