What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is the manual medical treatment that coordinates between your bone structure and the surrounding muscles, ligaments, joints, blood flow, nerves, and internal organs. As an Osteopath, I look at how your body integrates all of the above and offer physical therapy programs that encompass those areas responsible for your areas of pain in order to get you on the road of recovery!

Corrective Exercise for Pain Relief

Find out not just the diagnosis to your symptoms but also the root cause. Receive personalised treatment that’s tailored and specific towards your needs. Be given a detailed step-by-step guidance to either getting you on the road of recovery, preventing issues arising or improve physical performance. Receive out of treatment guidance to ensure you’re getting the best possible results!

As a reminder, your personalized treatment is specific to your specific needs for maximal results, which may include the following, either individually or in combination: osteopathy, cupping, acupuncture, naturopathy, or other treatment services available